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Friday, May 4, 2012


So I have a ghost in my apartment. It was disclosed to me when I filled out the application, and I willingly boarded the spooky train. Come on, did you read the book "Mysteries of The Unexplained" as a kid? I did and I've been busting to see a boo and Bigfoot ever since. 

Honestly, when the prior tenant frantically whispered that the apartment was haunted, I thought he was just a crazy nut job. His friendly disclosure went in one ear and out the other, even when the landlord confirmed the information. 

See, although I loved ghost stories growing up, I didn't actually believe in that stuff. But, when I turned 19, my beloved aunt and her two children were murdered. My whole world crashed down. 

My Aunt Tammy was like a mother to me. Yet, she was dead and her spirit was standing next to my bed. I convinced myself that I was hallucinating. I had to be hallucinating because the experience of seeing her in spirit in my bedroom was too unreal. Yet, the energy of the experience was profound. I promptly buried the memory and told no one. Who wants to be labeled as crazy?

I suppose having a repeated actual ghost experience one can't deny is bound to completely flip one's reality upside down. I can't deny it anymore. Something is happening and my whole world will never be the same.

It's like watching E.T. on the big screen versus having him land in your backyard. Your expression changes from, "Wow! Great movie!" to "Oh, sh*t. I better be good in this life because there really is SOMETHING beyond this human existence." Your entire reality is unhinged when you experience the paranormal. 

My cat is not impressed.  He spends hours in the window grooming himself and to have his tail explode into a terrified fur frohawk is not his idea of handsome. I can't exactly explain it, but I know when "he," the ghost, is here. I can feel him. I know that makes no sense. 

Plus, my animals freak out. My cat's fur stands up and my poor kitty howls while streaking across the room. My cat often runs into walls and hides under the bed. My dog is terrified as well, but my tortoise doesn't seem to care either way. Morrie, my tortoise, just wants his leafy lettuce and occasional strawberry for a treat. 

**** ALERT ***  

I hadn't even arrived to sharing this part, and it just happened!  My desk is moving. It's been randomly shaking this morning while I'm working. 

Maybe he's attracted to me, and this is a type of ghost dance that Caspers do while courting? When I like someone, the first thing I do is run around their home and shake their furniture. Just kidding. Sorry, but I do have quirky humor. But he, the ghost, sure is shaking this desk for me and I'm liking it! 

I'm not joking though.  This desk experience is amazing.  

The first time I heard "him" was Wednesday night. Kitchen cabinets were opening and closing, the sound of loud clanking filled the room, and footsteps were all over my little tree house home (Seriously. My apartment does feel like a tree house which I love!) 

And after all that noise, the smell of warm morning toast filled my apartment. I was terrified thinking I had a burglar, and even more terrified when I realized it was a prior dead tenant. Yet, I couldn't deny that an invisible person was in my apartment, and I certainly appreciated the aroma of morning toast wafting down the hallway. 

And that is how he came to be named the Toast Ghost. I can't take credit for the brilliant name, but it sure suits him.  

While living in my apartment, I have experienced dinner plates that spin around in a circle right in front of my eyes, lights flickering on and off, a white mist floating at the end of my bed -- it's been surreal! Being touched by a ghost feels strangely like energy manipulation, and when "he" sits on my bed, the mattress actually has an imprint. 

Do you know how scary it is to lie in bed and hear an invisible person "walk" into the room (I could hear hard footstep sounds across the wood floor), walk around the side of the bed, stop right next to bed and then "sit" on the bed where you can see the impression of an invisible boo-bum in the mattress? 

Trust me, it's the scariest thing you'll ever experience. Yet, it's also super cool and unreal. It took me a long time to relax. I finally realized it wasn't going to hurt me. It just lived there before I did. After I realized "he" wasn't going to hurt me, believe it or not I got used to it, and it's now no big deal. 

The only bummer is my friends won't come stay with me anymore, and, after experiencing the paranormal, they're not the same either, which I believe is a good thing. Something like this makes you more mindful; it helps you become a better human being. It's actually a good experience if you can get beyond your fear. 

I do have audio and video of this paranormal experience, and it's pretty unreal for the nonbelievers out there to see. 

Being a writer inspiration comes from many places, and I'm using this life experience in my writing. It's moments like this that bring back memories of a marshmallow-filled childhood, a black velvet sky and cuddling around a campfire hearing a scary story. 

It's those childhood feelings that goose you with the good kind of goosebumps and adds ghost-proof earplugs to my shopping list. It's Friday and I haven't hardly slept since Tuesday night.  

I'm dying for sleep over here.  Boo for now.